Cremains Collection - What Happens after your order is placed

Collection Kit


Within 5-7 business days of placing your order, you can expect to receive your collection kit via USPS First Class Delivery.

Instructions Enclosed


Once you open your collection kit you will see that each piece is labelled & personalized for your order. Complete instructions are included.

Mini-Scoop Included


A pre-measured scoop is included.  This will allow you to easily collect a small portion of Cremains for your keepsake.

Tangible copy of Order for Review


 A receipt, business card, and complete order overview will be included in the package.  These are yours to keep. A pre-addressed bubble mailer will also be included. 

Labelled Packaging


 In the package, a small, zipper seal baggy will be included for you to seal the Cremains into.  This will be pre-labelled with your order number to ensure proper identification.   Simply purchase a shipping label at USPS to ship Cremains to us. 

Certificate of Authenticity


At no additional cost, each keepsake ordered will include a Certificate of Authenticity.  This signed certificate is our testament that each keepsake was designed with your loved one's cremains.