Frequently Asked Questions


How much Cremains should I send?


For all items presently listed on our website, we will need under a tablespoon of cremains per memorial. This likely sounds like a very small amount, but the cremains will be clearly visible and a little bit goes a long way when infusing them into your design.

What Happens to Extra Cremains?


We will ask for about what we need to make your Cremain Keepsake, but once completed we usually have some amount of cremains remaining from the process. This will be returned to you with your completed keepsake.

How Long Does It Take?


We are presently estimating 3-4 business days production time once the free collection kit is returned to us.   We will generally send the collection kit out in the mail within 2 business days, and since your order will be shipped via USPS Priority Express, you can expect it to arrive next day after shipment. 

Once shipped, you will receive a shipment notice that your package is on its way. 

USPS is the only company that permits the shipment of cremated remains. Their regulations, as seen in USPS publication 139, require that cremated remains be shipped via Priority Mail Express.

Why Aren't My Cremains White?

 Cremains can come in various colors from the crematorium. Most are a chalky white, but they can range to almost charcoal black depending on exact circumstances at the time of cremation.

Where are you located?

We have one single location in the rolling foothills of Pennsylvania.  Our mailing address is a P.O. Box to ensure safe delivery with no possible exposure to theft or inclement weather. Cremain Keepsakes' mailing address is:

P.O. Box 912, Monongahela, PA 15063

Can Cremains be Mixed?

 Yes, you can mix multiple sets of cremains into the same Cremain Keepsake.  We ask that you mix the cremains prior to packaging and shipping to us.  You can combine cremains from multiple people, multiple pets, or elect to mix people and pets into the same keepsake.