Services: Ash Keepsakes


Cremain Keepsakes Process


Ordering a memorial of cremains jewelry / infused ashes is an emotionally challenging event.  For that reason, we attempt to keep the process as simple as possible. When placing an order, add the item to your shopping cart along with any design specific options such as color or accent charms. Once the item is in your cart, you can checkout via the 'cart' icon. We can combine ashes from multiple loved ones into one keepsake at no additional charge.


Sending Cremains for Your Design

Since you're purchasing an item with infused (cremains) ash keepsakes, we'll send you a free customized collection kit with a sealable baggy and other necessary supplies. Add the proper amount of cremains per item purchased and send back to us. Cremains should be shipped to us USPS Priority Express as per the postal service regulations on shipping cremains. However, we will accept shipments if they arrive to us otherwise.  Shipments via UPS, FedEx, or other shipping services are not permitted and may not be successfully delivered to our USPS P.O. Box.


Design Process & Shipping


Once we receive your loved one's cremains, we will send out an email to confirm safe delivery. Your order can be expected to arrive back to you within 3-4 days, unless otherwise noted. Your loved ones ash will appear as small light grey specks in your keepsakes or urn necklace / jewelry. There may be occasional bubbles. If there is extra ash left over we will return it to you via priority express mail with your completed keepsake unless you specify otherwise. Please do not ship more ash than requested.  Each design requires only a small amount.  Urns or other boxes should not be sent.  You will be responsible for all additional shipping charges if excessive quantities of ash are sent in for your design.